Would You Make the Selection for Special Ops?


marine recruits standing in line with a drill instructor yelling at one of the recruits for blog post about tv show the selection

If you’ve watched movies like Act of Valor, Black Hawk Down or 12 Strong, you know that our nation’s special operations soldiers go through hell and back to complete their missions.

Their training is some of the hardest known to man and it makes them unstoppable. But it seems that no civilian will ever experience this hardship.

Or will they?

What Were They Thinking?

The History Channel show, The Selection, does just that. The show takes 30 civilians with no military background and puts them through the greatest physical and mental stress that they will ever face.

Led by an elite cadre of former SEALs, Rangers and Green Berets, every man and woman is forced to question themselves and decide if they have what it takes to make the selection.

Think YOU could make the cut?

Watch full episodes of The Selection and check out the drill instructor bios here.

Watch the trailer for The Selection here: