When the Battlefield Is the War on Drugs

several medicine pills, syringes, and illegal drugs spread out on table for blog post for war movies about the war on drugs


A few weeks back, I talked about the war on terrorism, a war that is fought deep in the shadows. But there is another hidden war that is just as vital to win. One that costs the government over $47 billion a year—the war on drugs.

It’s a war fought through intelligence, countless law enforcement agencies, and tons of hard work. Stopping the war on drugs has been a priority and a major objective throughout the modern history of the United States.

So what happens when drugs comes to our front yard? Well here are three movies that show us:

Sicario (2015):

Kate Macer is a high-ranking FBI agent who is quickly climbing the ranks. She is soon given the opportunity to join a top-secret task force whose job is to tackle the growing battle on drugs. Along with a team, Macer alternates between both sides of the border. Their ultimate goal is to use one drug boss to eliminate another and put a dent in the war on drugs.

Check out the trailer for Sicario here:

Traffic (2000):

This is an insight into the war on drugs, told through three interconnected stories. One man is a judge whose mission is to eliminate drugs, while unaware that his daughter is a crack addict. Two DEA agents are given the task to protect an informant from cartels. And a jailed drug boss’s wife takes over the cartel that her husband once controlled.

Check out the trailer for Traffic here:

Clear and Present Danger (1994):

Agent Jack Ryan is the deputy director of the CIA. When a businessman and dear friend of the President is murdered, Ryan finds connections between the man and several drug deals. While CIA agent John Clark is deployed to Colombia and tasked with the job of killing drug lords as a form of retaliation, Ryan finds cover-ups that will reveal who is actually responsible.

Check out the trailer for Clear and Present Danger here: