The SEAL Truth and Nothing But the Truth


Navy SEALs parachuting out of an airplane to illustrate blog post about navy SEAL training

It’s no surprise that in today’s military, the Navy SEALs are considered some of the most badass. And with that in mind, the Seal Teams have been memorialized in several awesome war movies.

But for anyone who isn’t part of the “club,” it can become daunting to know what is — or isn’t —accurate about the way the SEALs are portrayed in movies.

Protecting the Seals from Hollywood

That’s where Jocko Willink comes in.

A former Navy SEAL, Willink takes these movies and bluntly explains exactly what Hollywood got right, and more importantly, what they got wrong!

Watch Part 1 of Jocko’s analysis here and see if you agree with his opinions: 

And here’s Part 2! Any questions?

Oh, and by the way, Jocko Willink is a pretty incredible motivational speaker. His Jocko Podcast on YouTube is amazing and there’s no one who keeps it more real in the motivation department. I especially like this video from Jocko’s “Motiversity” where he talks about BUD/s being no big deal!