Remembering Our Veterans of Smaller Wars


a close up of a computer keyboard with a blue quiz button in place of the enter key

Today is Veterans Day and here at the War Movie Correspondent, we want to thank all our veterans for their service and sacrifice in the name of our country. All gave some and some gave all, but some served in arenas that are less familiar than the big wars.

Here is a little Veterans Day quiz to keep you on your toes. Match the engagement on the left with the name of its operation on the right. I’ll post the answers later this week.

Have fun and be thinking of movies to make about some of these lesser known engagements!


Name of Engagement Name of Operation
1 Afghanistan Operation Frequent Wind
2 Bosnia Operation Eldorado Canyon
3 Cambodia Evacuation Operation Eagle Claw
4 Grenada Operation Joint Forge
5 Haiti Operation Sharp Edge
6 Iraq Operation Noble Anvil
7 Kosovo Operation Distant Runner
8 Liberia Operation Uphold Democracy
9 Libya Operation Restore Hope
10 Panama Operation Northern Watch
11 Persian Gulf Operation Just Cause
12 Rwanda Operation Enduring Freedom
13 Somalia Operation Eagle Pull
14 Tehran Operation Earnest Will
15 Vietnam Evacuation Operation Urgent Fury