Not England’s First Brexit: 2 Bloody British Battles


a large sword covered in blood lays in front of a wood wall to illustrate a blog post about bloody british battles

Between the battle over the U.S. Supreme Court and the death and devastation of Hurricane Michael in Florida, England’s Brexit drama across the pond has taken a real back seat lately. But there’s a big vote coming up next week and the stakes are high for merry olde England.

All of which got me thinking that England has actually been Brexiting for centuries. Here are two war movies about British fights for independence that truly “go medieval” when it comes to dishing out dramatic blood and gore.

Ironclad (2011):

When the oppressive King John voids the Magna Carta and goes on a vicious killing spree targeting all those who supported it, a Knight Templar and a group of rag-tag soldiers claim Rochester Castle and are willing to do anything to stop the king and his evil plan.

Watch the battle scene from Ironclad here:

Braveheart (1995): 

After countless years of domination by England and the diabolical King Edward, a Scottish peasant named William Wallace leads a revolt. And what a revolt!

Watch the battle scene from Braveheart here: