My New Guilty Pleasure War Movie: Rambo Last Blood


soldier facing camera and disappearing into blue smoke for blog post about movie rambo: last blood

If you haven’t already guessed, I absolutely love war movies! And here at War Movie Correspondent, I’ve noticed that war movies often come in two separate categories. You have the ones that are based on a great historical event, have a great plot, or are realistic when depicting war. And then you have those that are guilty pleasures.

I just got out of the theater seeing Rambo: Last Blood and I have to say that it definitely is part of the latter category.

When John Rambo’s niece is abducted for the sex traded while visiting Mexico, Rambo gears up and wages war on all responsible.

Sound familiar?

That’s because it is almost identical to the movie Taken, starring Liam Neeson. They are so similar with one major difference: Last Blood was a lot bloodier!

So if you’re looking to see a cool war movie and watch a former soldier do what he does best, check out Rambo: Last Blood in theaters now.

Check out the trailer before you go here: