In Enemy Hands: A German Submarine With a Deadly Problem


world war 2 submarine on surface of ocean in rough seas for blog post about movie in enemy hands

I’ve watched countless numbers of war movies in my three decades on the planet, and each one shows the extreme adversity that military members experience every day.

But it seems that submariners often have it especially bad. Facing living in tight quarters, evading depth charges and being hit by torpedoes is bad enough. But what happens when you add infectious disease to the equation?

A Deadly Virus Comes Onboard

In the riveting WWII movie, In Enemy Hands, that is the exact scenario that these submariners face.

When an American submarine is torpedoed by the Germans, the U-boat is gracious and collects the survivors, who become POWs. Unfortunately, the American submarine captain is infected with highly contagious meningitis.

The German crew begins to drop like flies and soon there are barely any sailors left alive. The Germans make the bold, and probably the only possible, decision to link up with the Americans and lead the U-boat to safety.

So, if you’re looking for a great submarine movie with a unique plot, see In Enemy Hands now!

Check out the trailer for In Enemy Hands here: