Human Weapon: Watch Marine Corps Martial Arts Warriors in Action!

US Marines demonstrate their martial arts moves in Times Square, NYIf you’re a fan of awesome movies like Jarhead, Generation Kill or Heartbreak Ridge, then you know that the U.S. Marine Corps puts its recruits through hell in training … the better to prepare them for the hell of combat. They say that every Marine is a rifleman, but did you think for one second that was their only method of delivering death to the enemy?

Absolutely not!

From Semper Fi to Semper Fu 

The History Channel show, Human Weapon, delves into different martial arts disciplines and puts their moves to the test.

Now, it’s the Marine Corps’s turn and you won’t want to miss this episode!

The Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) combines the best parts of the world’s martial arts into a well-rounded system that can’t be beat. Marines call the program “Semper Fu” for short.

US Marine fighters demonstrate martial arts in Times Square, NY

U.S.M.C. martial arts experts demonstrate their moves for the crowd in Times Square, NY during Fleet Week, 2010.

One Mind, Any Weapon

The actual MCMAP motto is “One Mind, Any Weapon” because the training prepares Marines to engage the enemy with rifles, bayonets, edged weapons, unarmed combat techniques and weapons of opportunity.  

MCMAP is a combat system developed by the Marines in 2001 to teach existing and new hand-to-hand and close quarters techniques. The program also stresses training in the Marine Corps Warrior Ethos, mental and character development, leadership, teamwork and the responsible use of force. For all the details about the program, the belts awarded and the skills required for each belt, read more here.

Meanwhile, to watch the MCMAP program in action, check out the full Human Weapon episode here: