Funker350 Transports YOU Straight Into the Combat

two army soldiers facing away from the camera looking into giant rock valley to illustrate blog post about youtube channel funker350

“War is hell.”

We’ve all heard these three simple words, and we can all relate to them, whether intuitively or from personal experience. Our troops serve all over the world and a great many of them are engaged in combat. But the truth is that only .4 percent of Americans are enlisted in the military.

So while we may hear stories of their heroism, we can never truly understand what our military men and women endure.

Or can we?

There is an awesome YouTube channel called, “Funker350,” and it is dedicated to combat footage filmed during firefights and other scenarios overseas. The use of GoPro and other handheld cameras transports us as viewers right into the middle of the action. It’s as close as most of us will ever come to experiencing everything our soldiers do.

Check out the channel here and embed yourself in the fight: