Enter the Pathetic World of Stolen Valor Videos


close up of army uniform with several medals and ribbons for blog post about stolen valor

War movies don’t usually fall into the category of “guilty pleasures” but that’s about to change now that Stolen Valor videos have come to YouTube.

Stolen valor is when civilians with no military background wear military uniforms for reasons that include getting discounts, getting attention or monetary gain. And stolen valor isn’t just sleazy, it’s a federal offense!

Stolen Medals and the Wrong Uniforms

The guilty pleasure humor comes in watching the frauds in the videos show off a plethora of medals they didn’t earn, wear uniforms that aren’t correct and talk in ways that reveal they know nothing about military life. When they’re spotted by actual active duty and veterans, the phonies experience a shark attack like no other!

Feel like something you’d like to watch? Simply search for “stolen valor” on YouTube and let me know what you think in the comments.