3 Great War Documentaries For a Weekend Without Football


football quaterback stands in front of a small earth and blue lights coming down screen

Staring at a whole weekend ahead without any football? Scary, I know!

First of all, keep calm. Second of all: Don’t let me be the one to break your couch potato streak. To tide you over until Super Bowl Sunday, here’s another list of great war documentaries to watch, this time focusing on documentaries about three modern wars.

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3 More Outstanding War Documentaries

Here are three more must-see documentaries:

WWII in HD (2009):This riveting television series was aired on the History Channel and presents a comprehensive look at the struggles and hardships of the war. It uses a unique combination of never-before-seen color footage and testimony from eyewitnesses to give an extraordinary and fresh new perspective on this defining time in history.

Here’s a link topart 1:

The Vietnam War (2017): Here’s another 10-part series from national treasure documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns. Originally airing on PBS, this award-winning mini-series blends witness interviews, amateur photography and professional footage from around the world to provide new insights into this hellish far-away war.

Here’s a link to part 1:

Inside the Iraq War (2009):This wonderful National Geographic documentary provides a thoughtful perspective on one of our most recent wars. The use of veteran testimony, news footage from embedded journalists, photos and videos taken by the soldiers themselves gives us a view of the war seldom seen outside of those who served.

Here’s a link to the documentary: